November 23, 2011

Which 40 questions?

Perhaps you've just completed the survey of safe-climate actions on the One Person Can website -thank you! - and you might be thinking the survey would be better it it included a question about an action that is not there. Believe me, it was quite a challenge restricting the number of questions to 40. I originally aimed at having only 30 questions, but that was too hard!

I don't claim to have picked the perfect list of questions, but it's not possible to change the list at this stage without moving the goalposts on those who have already submitted answers. However, one role of this blog is to publish discussion about other worthwhile safe-climate actions. If you'd like to draw attention to a beneficial action that is not in the survey, please talk about it here! Either use the comment function to respond to this post, or start a new thread by emailing your text (to the email address in the header above) and it will be published here as a new post.

Even though this is a blog, the intention is that it should function as a forum. Feel free to email in text for new blog posts on anything related to achieving a safe climate.

IF there had been 41 questions, the 41st one might have been, "Do you take along a reusable cup/plate/cutlery rather than use disposable ones?"

Now THAT is a very easy action that costs nothing and saves an awful lot.