October 23, 2011

One Person Can is now in operation!

The "One Person Can..." website is now online. The survey of safe-climate actions is now in operation and the database is recording householders' actions so that we can give visibility to those actions.

Please take the survey and make YOUR climate-friendly actions visible! People are unlikely to do much to reduce their own greenhouse gas emissions if they think they are the only one doing it. Help us show everyone just how much action is happening already!

The website has two main functions: collecting data by means of the survey, and displaying the "results so far..." via counters and bar-graphs. At the moment, the counters and graphs are still being programmed, so you won't see the results we have already just yet - sorry! - but the counters and graphs will be on the website soon. It would be great to have lots of actions already recorded in the database before then - we'd hate to give the impression that nobody is doing anything!

Quite a few people have taken the survey already, and we think we have now fixed all the bugs, but please email me (at the address in the blog header) if anything does not work the way you think it should so we can fix it.

Take care and stay safe!